Survey: Nursing home room averages $78,000

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The costs of private and semi-private rooms rose 3% nationwide during the last year, slightly higher than the rate of inflation, according to survey results released Tuesday. The average cost of a private nursing home room jumped to $213 per day, or $77,745 annually. The average cost of a semi-private room hit $189 daily, or $68,985 per year.

Meanwhile, average assisted living costs remained nearly the same - $2,969 per month, or $35,628 annually, according to the 2007 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home and Assisted Living Costs.

Nursing home charges continued to be the highest in Alaska ($510 daily, or $186,150 yearly) and lowest in Baton Rouge, LA ($123 daily, $44,895 annually).

Average assisted living costs were the highest in and around Washington D.C. ($5,031 per month, or $60,372 annually) and lowest in Indianapolis ($1,963 monthly, $23,556 yearly).

Also discovered: The percentage of assisted living facilities offering dementia care jumped to 59% from 48% over the last year. Full survey results can be found here.