Survey: Nurses under dangerous stress

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A lack of necessary authority and problems with management are contributing to nurses' high levels of stress, according to recently released survey results. 

Out of more than 3,300 respondents, 75% reported that they do not have the desired level of authority to do their job well. The survey was administered in May by the Vicki Milazzo Institute, which trains legal nurse consultants. Results appeared in late June.

Nearly 90% of respondents said apathetic superiors and inadequate support staff hamper them. Lack of concern, favoritism, poor communication skills and unrealistic expectations were among the management issues described by participating nurses.

Poor eating and sleeping habits related to long shifts as well as difficulties with work-life balance are other common challenges nurses face, survey results indicated.

Nurses consequently are under a deal of stress — “sometimes dangerously so,” according to a summary of the findings. 

The Institute recommended reevaluating work hours, providing nurses access to more nutritious foods, and increasing teamwork with managers.