Survey: Incontinence products purchased by quality, not price

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Quality is by far the top factor considered by long-term care facilities when purchasing incontinence care products, according to a survey released Friday by a large incontinence-product company.

The survey, conducted by SCA Personal Care, states that 72% of those deciding which products to purchase named quality as their primary concern when choosing. Only 24% said that product cost was their top reason.

Respondents saw purchasing quality products as essential to providing optimal patient care, as well as smart business; buying poor quality products affects the quality of life of the residents and is more expensive in the long run, according to SCA officials.

More than 200 randomly selected long-term care professionals took the survey, and of those respondents, optimal patient care was the primary concern when making product decisions. Other factors considered when making purchase decisions were how easy the product is to use and brand variety.