Survey: Assisted living salaries solid, vacancy rates stable

Administrators in assisted living earned a median salary of $80,830 in 2014, an increase of more than 2% over the previous year, according to a comprehensive new report.

The figures are based on responses from more than 1,600 assisted living facilities nationwide published in the 2013-2104 Assisted Living Salary & Benefits report, which was released this week. The majority of participants represent for-profit communities.

When making comparisons strictly using facilities that participated in the survey each of the last two years, chief financial officers had the highest average salary in 2014 at $128,969, while CEO/presidents were at $120,082. However, when considering total national compensation data, the average for CEO/presidents rose to $156,392.

Human resources directors were at an average of nearly $70,000.

As assisted living facilities are pressured to up the quality of food, chefs, cooks and sous cooks all continued to see their hourly rate increase more than 2%, according to same-facility data. Food service aides had one of the smallest percentage increases — 0.95% — and made an average of $9.70 an hour.

The average vacancy rate for registered nursing remained at 12%. The highest turnover rates, of 36% and 35%, were found in dining services and among resident assistants, respectively. Turnover for marketing directors fell from 42.67% to 34.7%.

When analyzing data between nursing homes, continuing care facilities and and assisted living centers, the survey results showed that directors of information services do the best (at an average of $76,000) in assisted living. Directors of info services at nursing homes were at $66,635, while they were at $71,803 in continuing care facilities. Directors of nursing in assisted living earned an average of $64,000, compared to $85,000 and above in nursing homes and continuing care.

The Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service published the LeadingAge-endorsed report, with cooperation from the National Center for Assisted Living. For more information, visit