A dispute between over a Kindred arbitration case has likely come to the end of the road, with the U.S. Supreme Court declining to review the case for a second round.

Last year the High Court sided with Kindred in Kindred Nursing Ctrs. LP v. Clark, which related to whether an arbitration agreement signed by a power of attorney is enforceable if that power of attorney has not been granted explicit permission to sign such a document.

But Kindred argued that the Kentucky Supreme Court failed to adhere to the decision in its favor. The provider asserts the state has refused to honor high justices’ interpretation of the Federal Arbitration Act, Bloomberg Law reported Tuesday. The state court declined to honor an arbitration agreement signed by power of attorney, without the resident giving express authority to sign away the right to trial.

The case rejected by the Supreme Court last week was one of three others consolidated under Clark, and was bounced back to Kentucky for further analysis.