Supplement may ease dry eye symptoms

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An omega fatty acid supplement halted progress of inflammation for people with moderate to severe dry eye, results of a new study shows.

The double-blind clinical trial involved nearly 40 post-menopausal women with tear dysfunction. Participants received either HydroEye®, a supplement with omega fatty acids and antioxidants, or a placebo.

Within three months, those taking the supplement had statistically significant improvement of dry eye irritation and no additional ocular surface inflammation. The placebo group's dry eyes worsened. 

“While this trial studied post-menopausal women, the largest group of dry eye sufferers, we think the benefits of HydroEye should apply to other populations suffering from dry eye since inflammation is believed to be a common thread in dry eye,” said professor Stephen C. Pflugfelder, M.D., director of The Ocular Surface Center, Baylor College of Medicine-Cullen Eye Institute. 

It's been difficult to bring a prescription dry eye product to market, due largely to side effects, experts said.  

ScienceBased Health® makes HydroEye. Results appeared in Cornea.