Study: Blood pressure drugs may reduce dry eye syndrome

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Blood pressure drugs, known as ACE inhibitors, may reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome, a study in the Archives of Ophthalmology reports. ACE inhibitors include Zestril, Vasotec, and Accupril.

Dr. Barbara E. K. Klein, of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, followed nearly 2,500 individuals, ages 48 to 91 years, for five years. All of the subjects did not have dry eye when the study began.

Dry eye developed in 322, or 13.3%, of the subjects. The risk of the disorder increased with patient age and with worsening health status. The disorder was also more common in those with a history of diabetes or allergy, and those using antihistamines, diuretics or steroids. Dry eye developed in 9.2% of subjects taking an ACE inhibitor, compared with 13.9% not taking an ACE inhibitor.