Streamlined order handling system makes debut at AHCA

American HealthTech unveiled a redesigned order management system at the American Health Care Association show in Tampa, FL.

The revamped system was designed to incorporate feedback and input from clinicians nationwide, according to President and CEO Teresa Chase. 

“Clinicians asked for smart workflows, with collaborative information they need from others,” she said.

The new system was designed to consider patient safety, workflows that minimize human errors, continuity of care and incorporation of evidence-based practices. Among its key features:

• Interoperability: Collaboration between nurses on the floor and pharmacies to eliminate double entry and also to speed order fulfillment. Interoperability is now available with several leading pharmacy systems.

• 360-degree view: Puts an in-depth picture of resident health at a nurse’s fingertips while managing orders, including a photograph, last vitals, allergies, special needs, physician and more.

• Mobility: Optimize ergonomics with flexible device options. Mix and match wireless mobile devices, touch screens or traditional mouse applications as needed.

• Personalized: Tracks administration of medications (eMAR) and treatments (eTAR), with options to manage special needs and requirements in three ways: you can create personalized ones, use the stock set, or add to a library.  Providers can offer person-centered care at its finest.

• Follow ups: Want to look at how a drug is tolerated over the past week? Past month?  Or what was refused? Clinicians can drill by patient or by drug and review history, and ask for specific follow-ups. 

• Electronic signatures: Nurses can review and sign electronically; facilities with co-signing requirements can enable that option. 

• Efficiency: Nurses can make notes during a med pass and make them available in many places: shift report, 24-hour reports, and progress notes — all from the same screen using minimal clicks.  An incident report also can be started that complements the notes.