A new, semi-occlusive wound dressing that provides continuous delivery of topical healing agents shows promise in the treatment of chronic wounds that need steady treatment.

In a limited study of four patients, wound specialists in Boston, Miami and New York found the newly approved delivery system is an effective and safe treatment option that reduced side effects and gave clinicians flexibility in their treatment approach. 

Researchers have long known wounds managed in a moist environment heal faster with less pain, fewer infections and less scarring. 

In this study, researchers evaluated the Acton Topical Delivery System developed by Aplion Medical. Investigator Robert S. Kirsner, M.D., of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, has worked as a consultant for Aplion.

The FDA-approved system can deliver fluid at a rate of approximately 0.75 mL per day, with doctors able to choose whether that fluid includes antibiotics, antiseptics or other medications. The device is intended for one use lasting up to seven days.

In this study, four patients with stalled leg wounds were treated with different types of medication in small quantities, versus larger volume irrigation of the wound. 

It also has been used in another 44 applications to reduce pain and bioburden in separate, unpublished work by the same authors.