Smartphones used for measurement

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Swift Medical has introduced Swift AutoDepth technology, which lets clinicians take wound-depth measurements at the point of care using a smartphone camera.

PointClickCare Skin and Wound, which is powered by Swift Medical technology, will be one of the first solutions to integrate Swift AutoDepth, the company said.

“Swift AutoDepth has been designed using clinical feedback from some of the top wound care nurses, researchers, and specialists in the world. That said, the goal here has never been technology, per se, but in bringing that technology to the masses through usability and accessibility,” said Carlo Perez, CEO of Swift Medical. The technology, he told McKnight's, was“designed from the ground up to be deployable and usable by each and every nurse within a facility, allowing for consistent and reliable measurements and analysis – irrespective of who is collecting the data at the point of care.”

The technology can be a contact-free and painless alternative to measuring a wound with a cotton swab. The users wave a smartphone over a wound in a wand-like fashion, and the system tracks the images, generating information needed to discern depth. It's an option to address how uneven topography of a wound can make it difficult to assess maximum depth.

“We believe enhancing our PointClickCare Skin and Wound solution with Swift Medical's latest innovation to offer an automated, touch-free capability for measuring depth in wounds will be well received by our customers,” said PointClickCare Chief Technology Officer Dave Wessinger.