Slavitt: Health plans must share better with providers

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Health plans need to share patient medical data with providers in a format that's easy to use, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt said this week.

During an address at a Medicare conference on Monday, Slavitt said he's received complaints from providers that say health plans rarely provide patient data, or provide data in a format that's simple to use.

Providers need access to easy-to-use data in order to best take advantage of recently developed healthcare technology, Slavitt said. He also relayed concerns from alternative care organizations, which say the data provided to them by health plans often can't be integrated with existing data.

“Business models which silo data and treat it as proprietary are not fitting with the next 50 years of Medicare,” Slavitt said, according to a published report. “Reluctance to share data must come to an end.”