Seniors oppose Social Security overhaul – despite their exemption from it

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Many seniors are objecting vigorously to President Bush's plan to overhaul Social Security even though they will not be affected by its possible restructuring.

And according to the Washington Post, Bush is paying attention because older Americans "not only dominate political debate concerning the nation's retirement program," but play a key role in congressional elections because of their reliably high turnout.

Polls show that older Americans are twice as likely to oppose Bush's proposal to allow younger workers to divert some of their payroll taxes to personal investment accounts. Focus group results presented to GOP congressional aides last weekend found many seniors skeptical that their benefits would be protected. Bush opponents have fueled some of the skepticism, publishing and airing advertisements showing seniors concerned about benefit cuts.

"I don't think most of my members are ever going to feel like they're somehow immunized," said John Rother, policy director of AARP, a seniors advocacy group.