Rep. Fred Upton

Senators sought middle ground in May over an Obamacare replacement bill and its ability to expand and fund Medicaid.

The House bill, passed in early May, would set an annual limit on payments to each state starting in 2020, described as “per capita cap on payments for medical assistance.” LeadingAge opposes the House bill’s plans to move Medicaid to a per-person cap system. It would slash “Medicaid spending by nearly $840 billion over 10 years,” the group said in a statement to McKnight’s.

“We remain concerned that this bill also removes key provisions to protect older people and those with serious illness,” it added. “We believe that a full CBO score is needed and urge the Senate to reject this bill.”

Additionally, the House bill would phase out the expansion of Medicaid. That’s a dealbreaker for many senators from states that have benefited from expansion.

A vote on the legislation could come before the Senate breaks for recess in August, said Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, M.D.