Residents at one Canadian nursing home were recently served roast beef seasoned with toxic hand sanitizer.

The incident occurred May 6 at the Carrot River Health Centre, a 35-bed long-term care provider in Carrot River, Saskatchewan. It all started when one employee poured a powdered hand cleaner into a spice container, leaving the spice label unchanged and placing it by the kitchen sink, the Global Saskatoon Evening News reported.

A different employee then used the toxic powder to season a roast beef, the local health authority, which operates the home, announced recently. After discovering the error, rather than throwing away the tainted meat, nursing home staff members removed the outer layer and served it to residents anyway. The authority said it is now reviewing policies and procedures, apologized for the mistake, and said the food never should have been served.

“The Saskatchewan Health Authority is very sorry for any anxiety this error may have caused our residents and their families. The health and safety of our residents is our first priority,” SHA said in a statement this week.  

The hand cleaner has a “low toxicity,” the authority added, and no residents were reported to be ill.