Report slams NY's biggest for-profit nursing home group

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New York's largest for-profit nursing home group has come under fire in a new report from ProPublica, which alleges the company continues to flourish and grow despite a history of violations and fines

SentosaCare, which operates 25 facilities and close to 4,500 nursing home beds in the state, has shown “unhindered expansion” despite its facilities having an above average number of violations, according to the report. Eleven of SentosaCare's facilities had more than the state average of 24 violations over the past three years, with three facilities racking up double that number.

State inspectors also found staff at some SentosaCare facilities allegedly tried to cover up or lie about lapses in care, including elopements, failing to identify bedsores and falsifying records. The report also alleges the state skimmed over the company's violations when processing ownership applications — no applications from SentosaCare have been rejected by the state's Public Health and Health Planning Council.

“If you're in business to find every opportunity to game the standards, and do the minimum, and give the shoddiest care you can possibly give while still getting out from under the deficiency, it should raise a question of whether you should hold a license,” Susan Regan, a lawyer who served on the Public Health and Health Planning Council, told ProPublica.

SentosaCare did not respond to multiple requests for comment from McKnight's by press time.

An attorney for SentosaCare's owner declined to comment on specific resident cases in the report, but told ProPublica the company doesn't have any “ownership or control” over the facilities, and only provides administrative consulting, regulatory advice and purchasing services.