Reader Poll: Who is your best friend at work?

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“My boss is my best friend at work. She's given me an opportunity to travel and to seek out continuing education opportunities.  I can ask her questions at any time, like, ‘Can you explain this regulation?' I really see her as a friend and mentor.”

— Karen Brewer, Member Services Manager, NC Assisted Living Association, Raleigh, NC

“She's also an OT and we do all areas. We work so well together. We collaborate on our treatments. We met six years ago.”

— Jody Hitchcock, OTR, occupational therapist, Forum at Overland Park, Overland Park, KS

“My best friend at work is Christina Alicea. She makes me look forward to coming into work. She's a fantastic worker, very intelligent and dedicated. We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and findings ways to resolve work-related issues. If I am out sick, I can trust her in handling any issues that might need my immediate attention. We make the perfect team. We lift each other's spirits when one of us is down. I feel so much happier when she is around.”

— Chantelle Rosario, Member Services Representative, RiverSpring Health Plans, Riverdale, NY

“I love who I work with on a daily basis. I value the members of our leadership team most. We're very different but we're all focused on our residents, our mission and moving towards our goals. The respect we have for each other makes me feel extra connected to my work. What's better than being part of a strong team that empowers you to make a difference? “

— Melissa Cosentino, Director of Social Services, Central Baptist Village,
Norridge, IL

“Because I do strategy, I have developed a great group all across the U.S. Sometimes I call and say, ‘Can you believe this?' Sometimes who I call when I need a friend depends on which time zone they are in.”

— Carrie Coumbs, VP of National Partnerships, Kindred Healthcare, Seattle

“My best friend at work is Monica Naughton. She helps me in more ways than I can count! Monica has helped me to understand the ins and outs of senior housing and the different programs that we work with. She sometimes is just a trusted ear to listen to me, which is invaluable.”

— Jennifer Rutschte, Assistant Housing Manager, Ebenezer Park Apartments, Minneapolis

(photo) “My best friends are my coworkers in our Green House residences. Without them, I would not be able to accomplish all my tasks as a nurse. Our relationships are built on our shared understanding of the elders in our care and of each other, as well as our mutual trust. My colleagues' energy, spirit and compassion influence and inspire me every day.”

—Irina Zuzalova, RN, Small House Registered Nurse, Sarah Neuman, The New Jewish Home, New York