“My box of Kleenex tissue. My role and responsibility as an administrator in a retirement community is far greater than just taking care of the mundane admin duties that come along with the position.  I also lend an ear to those who might be lonely and are in need of someone to speak to in order to pass the time. A box of Kleenex comes in very handy because oftentimes tears of joy, laughter and sadness are shared between me and those residents within my office.” 

— Dean Crawford, Medical Center Practice Administrator, Charlestown Retirement Community, Catonsville, MD

“My favorite thing is drawings for new skilled nursing buildings, because it gives you a vision to the future. The building process is fun but it’s also creative, so that’s how I connect to new developments.”

— Fred Hermes, President and Co-Owner, Physicians Development Group, Wichita, KS 

“Pictures of my grandchildren. All three of my grandchildren live overseas, so I like to keep focused on them.”

— Steven Scott, Administrator, Miller’s Health Systems, Inc., Warsaw, IN

“My favorite thing in our office is the vending machine where soda is just 25 cents. You can even get a water bottle. It’s awesome.”

— Julie Berry, Director of Exhibits and Sponsorships, Health Industry Distributors Association, Alexandria, VA 

“I usually have two to four cups or water bottles with coffee, tea, sometimes soda. Everything, just in case. My coworkers make fun of me, but you never know which one you’re going to need!”

— Melodie King, CMP, Director of Education, Oregon Health Care Association, Portland, OR

“My cup of coffee. It’s just my go-to drink — it helps me!”

— Melissa Clark, Senior Clinical Manager, Lifepoint Health, Brentwood, TN

“I have an orchid that sits on my desk, and I love it even though it hasn’t bloomed in a year.”

— Allie Spangler, Director of Members Services, Utah Health Care Association, Salt Lake City, UT

“My stapler, because I’m in corporate compliance. Even though everything is electronic now I still have to print stuff, and I have to keep organized.”

— Julie Rettberg, Director of Clinical Resources and Corporate Compliance Officer, ONR Inc., Austin, TX 

“Pictures of my grandchildren, just because I can look at them when the rest of the world is in chaos. They’re my port in the storm.”

— William Healy, President, Trinity Senior Services Management, Continuing Care Group, Livonia, MI