“He (Board Chairman of the Reformed Church Home Reed Feuster) encourages me. He always makes a point to thank us and offer help. It’s kind of refreshing to get outside support. At the board level, it’s easy to say just what’s wrong or what you don’t like.”

— Kate Shepard, Executive Director and Administrator, Reformed Church Home, Old Bridge, NH

“He (Executive Director Bobby Meadows) supports me in decisions I make. We have a community development committee and he’ll trust me to guide them and give them tasks to do. You’re more enabled to accomplish goals you have if you have a supportive executive director.”

— Joel Ashner, Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement, Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab, Cordova, TN

“She (President and CEO Gretchen Brown) believes in me, our organization and our values. She’s a great mentor who values our talents and gifts. She brings us together to work collaboratively. Her lines are open so we can bounce ideas off her. She’s very generous and likes to show appreciation.”

— Peg Stockel, MBA, NHA, Administrator, Stonehill Franciscan Services, Dubuque, IA 

“He (COO Tony Fountain) challenges us to be better leaders and better people. When he joined the organization a year ago, he said to not give away your own power. What can I do with the local community right here, right now and not go ask him.” 

— Karen Nichols, Administrator, Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina-Foothills, Easley, SC

“She (CEO Rebecca Smith) takes time for me and cares for me as a person. I lost both of my parents at the same time, and she was always there for me. She’s a friend and not just a boss. I think she just generally cares about my and my career. ”

— David Urso, Director of Resident Services, Kendal at Hanover, Hanover, NH

“(Director of Operations John Hicks) lets me take ownership of certain projects. And he takes things he can take. It frees me up to do the things that only a nurse can do.”

— Tonya Stone, Director of Nursing Services, Martha & Mary Health Services, Poulsbo, WA

“He (CEO Terry Rogers of Christian Living Communities) has an open-door policy. We have a ‘safe environment’ where I can walk in, shut the door and we can yell at each other and open up. We don’t publicly disagree, but we can behind closed doors.”

— Bryon Childs, CPA, MBA, Treasurer & CFO, Christian Living Communities,
Greenwood Village, CO