“Usually I’ll go over my planner and peruse that. I just got into bullet journaling. The idea is that if you write something down and you didn’t do it, is it worth it to move it forward to the next month or should you just forget it? There’s more flexibility, and at the end of the week I see what I’ve done and what I haven’t done, and each day I write what I’m grateful for. It’s a journal, it’s a planner, it’s a scrapbook. So looking at that, and having a clean desk, that sets me up for a good day.”

— Michelle Vaughan, RN, President/Director of Clinical Support, Clinical Care Group, Tampa, FL

“I set goals, I pick and choose what to accomplish for the day. Everything else becomes ancillary. If I didn’t do that, I’d just be spinning. “

— Norme Torres, Executive Director, Lexington Square of Elmhurst, Elmhurst, IL

“Usually when I first get in, I look at my calendar. I also leave a stack of stuff from the previous day so it’s the first thing in the morning I grab before I run to a meeting at 9 a.m.”

— Beth Laxton, Senior Vice President and Administrator, The William Breman Jewish Home Inc., Atlanta

“We start our day with a stand-up meeting, with all disciplines. We talk about potential admissions, discharges, and other particular items that are going on that day.”

— Judith A. Crager, RN, BSPA, Director of Nursing, ACV Health Services, at Advent Christian Village, Dowling Park, FL

“I just take fifteen minutes at home, before everything starts. I go through what I’m grateful for and I pray.”

— Dena Benham, Director of Marketing, Hubbard Hill Retirement Community, Elkhart, IN

“I check my email and my voicemail. I don’t plan my day unless I know what’s going on, so I need that

— Holly Noble, Administrator, Attica Long-Term Care, Attica, KS

“I pray. I work in a monastery, so I pray for everybody there and for the day to be successful.”

— Cheryl Haas, Director of Nursing, Hildegard Health Center, Ferdinand, IN 

“I get up and I go through my emails and make sure I’m up to date before I go into the office, so I don’t have to deal with it there. It’s already done.”

— Mica Rees, MHA, Vice President of Business Development, Ohio Living, Columbus, OH