Peggy King

“I am known for letting the creative side of my brain take the driver’s seat and see what magic comes. My colleagues might say that I’m always talking about the stories and accomplishments of our residents or stakeholders. My motto is ‘Why not share great stories and shout them from a mountain!?’”

— Peggy King, Vice President of Branding and Communications, Signature HealthCARE, Louisville, KY

“My big thing is I say ‘Trust,but validate,’ a lot. I think everyone knows me from that. I always ask, ‘How do we know that?’ As a leader you want to lead by example.”

— Roya Agahi, Chief Clinical Officer, Centers Health Care, Bronx, NY

“I’m known for compassion, I listen when my employees have problems. They can come and tell me when they have issues on the job. I have an open door policy.”

— Beverly Greenwood, Administrator, Lafon Nursing Facility of the Holy Family, New Orleans, LA

“I’m known for saying ‘no’ when it comes to spending money, since I’m the CFO. I listen to them after I say no, but I’m the naysayer. I have to put the numbers into it.”

— Luz Liebeskind, Chief Financial Officer, RiverSpring Health, Bronx, NY

“I have a ‘CAN-DO’ attitude. I try to be the first to volunteer to help. My duties include everything from admissions to blood work to making people feel good about themselves…both patients and my co-workers.”

— Toyin Adewumi, RN, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital,Baltimore, MD

“Probably what I’m known for is laughter, just trying to make things light and laughing at your mistakes. I use humor and try to make people laugh, to help make the day a little better.”

— Denise White, President, Coordinated Services Management Inc., Roanoke, VA

“I stand for nothing less than premier care and customer service. As a long-time healthcare professional, I am committed to using a quality-based standard to meet the needs of our residents whom we are privileged to serve. Personally and professionally, I stand for glorifying God and ensuring that my interactions with those we serve, and my colleagues on our caregiving team, are based on integrity and compassion and a vision for excellence. In essence, I stand for others and for doing what is right.”

— Paul D. Wray, RNc, Senior Vice President, Clinical Services – Skilled Division, Touchstone Communities, San Antonio, TX