Providers approve of Medicaid Commission recommendations

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Providers generally were favorable about the Federal Medicaid Advisory Commission's new recommendations, saying the suggestions are in the interest of the long-term care community.

In a statement Tuesday, the American Health Care Association said it supported the commission's approach to finding $10 billion in Medicaid savings.

"Secretary Leavitt and the Commission members are to be commended for evaluating Medicaid reform from the perspective of the many seniors throughout our nation who need and depend upon this vital program," said Bruce Yarwood, AHCA acting president and CEO.  

Still, long-term care providers remain troubled over the recommendation in the commission's report to change the start date of the penalty period for Medicaid applicants who transferred assets for less than fair market value. The proposed change in the penalty period's start date means providers would be responsible for uncompensated care, according to AHCA. 

Instead, Yarwood recommends that the commissioners recognize that changes in the asset transfer policy "must focus on encouraging personal responsibility, not penalizing providers."