A new study shows the HEPA filtration incorporated into the XLERATOR Hand Dryer can contribute to improved hand hygiene.

New viral filtration efficiency testing conducted by LMS Technologies found that XLERATOR and XLERATORsync Hand Dryers with HEPA filtration systems remove 99.999% of viruses from the airstream.

“In these unprecedented times, the health and well-being of our customers is our main concern and it was important for us to confirm how our products interact with viruses,” said William Gagnon, vice president of sales and marketing at Excel Dryer.

The test challenged XLERATOR HEPA Filtration Systems with approximately 380 million viruses ranging in size between 16.5 and 604.3 nanometers. 

“The virus used in the test represents all viruses, like coronavirus in terms of their size or how they would react to the filter,” said LMS Technologies President Al Vatine. “If it [XLERATORs with HEPA filtration systems] can perform this effectively in an enhanced, virus-infused scenario, it surely would provide effective filtration in real-world settings.”