VoiceFriend has released a new multisite messaging capability for its VoiceFriend notification and communications solution. The enhanced feature helps managers of skilled nursing facilities and senior living communities to communicate vital information more quickly and effectively to residents, patients, families or staff members across multiple community sites.

“Many of our customers manage multiple sites across wide regions or across the entire country,” said CEO Bruce Baron. “The COVID-19 epidemic has fueled their need to quickly communicate not only to their staff and their seniors, but also to families who aren’t allowed to visit their loved ones in quarantine. While the new Multi-Site Messaging feature had been in development for some time, we accelerated our development effort and have made it available to our customers at no extra cost.”

The VoiceFriend notification solution offers cloud-based notifications to promote operational efficiency. Typically, the technology is used to share programming, events, activities and appointments. The Arbor Company has already adopted the multi-site feature.

“The ability to communicate quickly and effectively to our multiple sites has never been clearer than during this current COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chris Harper, vice president of communications for Arbor. “With just a few clicks, we were able to issue vital communications to our seniors, their families, and our staff at just one site or across our entire chain of communities. This freed up critical time to allow staff to focus their attention on seniors in need.”