Healthcare laundry company Unitex will wrap its warm-weather concert series with a performance Friday at the Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and  Nursing.

The final show is an extension of a summer concert series that hit several New York communities in its second year. Unitex is planning to expand concerts next year to reach a greater portion of its service area, which stretches from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island.

“It has been such a treat to see the response from residents and staff to the performances, with many people dancing and singing along to the shows,” said Seth Gershman, Marketing & Communications Director of Unitex. “Besides fulfilling our brand promise of ‘A Clean Start to Every Day,’ we can’t think of a better way to contribute to local seniors’ happiness than with live music.”

Artists selected for performances include a Caribbean crooner, a harpist, the lead singer of the Original Blues Brothers Band, a cellist and an acclaimed guitarist. In all, Unitex sponsored shows at 13 facilities in 2019.