American Well® announced it will launch of the American Well 250 Cart. It is the first integrated telemedicine device brought to market by American Well after its merger with Avizia.  

The cart will allow clinicians inside the institution as well as those in affiliated networks, said Roy Schoenberg, M.D., CEO of American Well.

“We have passed the point-of-no-return when it comes to health systems embracing telehealth as a core competency,” he said. “Focus is quickly shifting from the thrill of instant video connectivity to the recognizing the operational efficiencies that come from the redistribution of clinical skills across buildings, facilities and networks.”

The American Well 250 Telemedicine Cart is an FDA Class I registered medical device and has remote monitoring tools. Cases where it could be used include in behavioral health — for access to remote psychologist — and for skilled nursing facilities to treat seniors in the facility rather than sending residents to the emergency department.

“In addition to unparalleled access to providers, the 250 cart takes telehealth devices to a whole new level with enhanced performance and augmented security,” said Cory Costley, SVP of Devices at American Well. “This is a true end-to-end system that has been purpose-built for telehealth.”

In other American Well news, the company announced a partnership with Netsmart.

“Our partnership with American Well provides access to real-time quality care across multiple provider specialties related to behavioral health, addictions, social services and post-acute,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. “Many of these services are now being offered virtually and the combination of the Netsmart and American Well networks brings the largest provider reach across the nation.”