Curatess-Open Telehealth Platform has been integrated with PointClickCare’s electronic health record system.

Curatess has established a feature-complete software integration that allows users to have bi-directional data exchanges between platforms, executives said. Any information from the PointClickCare EHR is displayed on one screen with embedded HD audio and video features.

The goal is for providers to improve care and reduce hospital readmission rates by allowing clinicians the ability to evaluate from a remote device. Clients can utilize the Curatess — OTP to support unlimited clinical workflows to improve healthcare delivery.

“Curatess is committed to ensuring a patient’s health record is always up-to-date, allowing for faster, more accurate patient record keeping, thus enabling healthcare members to focus on the patient and overall well-being,” said Paul Knight, Curatess founder and CEO. “With this new collaboration, healthcare organizations who leverage PointClickCare and the Curatess — OTP are empowered to deliver bedside point of care without barriers.”