Zeally Health is among the latest telehealth services available over video or phone.

The cloud-based software as a service lets doctors consult with a patient in a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant environment and can be licensed to an individual provider, practice or physician group.

“As we learned with the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand on the healthcare system can change literally overnight,” said Rey Colon, founder and CEO of MyTelemedicine, Zeall’s software engine. “We want to ensure that people can get the medical attention they need 24/7, no matter where they live.”

MyTelemedicine is a leader in the telehealth vertical and has been servicing patients since 2015. Since its launch, the company’s virtual care platform has helped nearly 2 million patients and facilitated more than 125,000 virtual consultations nationwide.

MyTelemedicine originally launched as a telehealth service for employers to provide their workforce affordable access to U.S.-licensed doctors, the sudden, urgent need for remote consultations in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak accelerated the company’s efforts to roll out a SaaS solution.

Healthcare providers who license Zeally can begin offering virtual consultations immediately after uploading patient and practitioner data. The end-to-end virtual care solution is both HIPAA and HITECH compliant and includes patient scheduling and management tools for practitioners, as well as an integrated e-commerce payment system and electronic prescribing.

Meanwhile, Heal, a leading provider of telemedicine and home doctor visits, has added a service dedicated to mental health problems and other stressors due to COVID-19. Heal patients have access to renowned mental healthcare professionals, via one-on-one digital therapy sessions between a patient and a licensed doctor of psychology.

Heal therapists complete their assessment in coordination with a Heal primary care doctor.