SwapAble shower furniture

Design By Intent has introduced Innovato Wall Hung SwapAble shower furniture as part of a modular line.

SwapAble provides dedicated installation of components that can be interchanged for people with disabilities and able-bodied users. The SwapAble shower chair set, a finalist for the 2020 Best of KBIS Awards, includes a mounted shower chair that can be swapped out with other functional accessories such as grab bars, towel bars, shelves or shaving footrests.

Architects, interior designers and senior living developers are increasingly using tools that can be used to promote independence in retirement communities, multifamily communities and houses.

Design by Intent is the newest brand in the E&T Horizons line. CEO Terri Gelman said the modular line allows users — or caregivers — to install the mounting bracket with an accessory and then clip on the swing down seat whenever it’s needed.

“This is important because most people wait until an accident has already happened and they are coming back from rehab, surgery, or the hospital, and then realize they have to reconfigure their shower for their new normal,” he said.