ITX, a custom software producer, has launched Vitals Update, a solution enabling remote monitoring while patients quarantine due to COVID-19.

Vitals Update is being offered free. ITX said it can reduce the demand on personal protective equipment, enable staff to quickly identify potential cases and react, and reduce the number of required calls and visits to patients with suspected cases.

Using Vitals Update, patients submit information about their symptoms via computers or mobile devices. Caregivers observe patient information as cases unfold, reviewing the latest status information from an intuitive dashboard. The system is HIPAA-compliant, and can be quickly integrated with the facility’s electronic health records system.

Oklahoma State University Medical Center is using Vitals Update to manage care among its population of potential and confirmed COVID-19 patients. 

“ITX’s Vitals Update app is a simple tool that’s helping us monitor COVID PUIs (persons under investigation) and positive patients’ vitals and symptoms — and ultimately allowing us to save lives,” said Heidi Holmes, the hospital’s chief information officer.