In connection with National Fall Prevention Week, Simavita has released results of its first U.S. pilot study, which shows reduction of falls through use of sensored incontinence pad.

The Sydney, Australia-based firm said its Smart Incontinence Management Medical (SIM) device is the world’s first wearable integrated digital technology solution for continence care assessment and management. It employs a single-use sensor embedded in an adult incontinence pad that wirelessly transmits data to be combined with staff observations to create toileting plans. Various previous research has connected higher risks of falls with increased incontinence in seniors.

Simavita noted one resident at a Baltimore-area senior rehab facility in particular. After averaging more than 16 falls in previous years, there was just one through much of 2015, the company reported.

“In just three days, SIM gives us an accurate and actionable continence management plan tailored to the specific physiological needs of each patient,” said Cheryl Bayne, RN, director of nursing at Lorien Bel Air, near Baltimore. “If we can decrease someone’s falls from five in a month to zero, the savings are huge.”