RCare Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with upBed, maker of a wearable bed exit solution for fall prevention.

upBed, based in Portland, ME, offers a product that issues an alert when a resident is about to get out of bed. RCare’s nurse call system interfaces with upBed and sends a warning to the caregiver, who can respond at the bedside.

“By providing advance notice that the resident is waking up, and instantly and silently notifying staff through RCare, upBed helps reduce falls among even the highest fall risk residents,” said upBed founder Aron Semle.

upBed’s device is a satin band placed around the resident’s ankle while he or she is asleep. The alert to the caregiver is silent.

“Interoperability has always been a cornerstone for RCare’s wireless nurse call and monitoring offerings,” says RCare CEO Myron Kowal. “It made perfect sense to integrate upBed into the RCare ecosystem. It truly solves the critical and recurring problem of falls for our senior housing customers.”