Rouxbe, an online culinary training program, is offering a free course on food safety to any foodservice organization.

Proper food safety can help prevent illness and the transmission of disease, including coronavirus. from food handlers The course is designed for professionals looking to learn more about food safety, as well as those in need of a refresher during the current outbreak.

Food preparation and dining have challenged the long-term care industry as isolation policies remain in effect.

“The global restaurant and hospitality industry is being significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, as worries over the spread continue to increase,” said Ken Rubin, Chief Culinary Officer. “It’s now more important than ever that those who handle food — be it a high-end, full-service restaurant chef or a member of a retirement home kitchen staff — be up to date and fully immersed in keeping food safe. By offering this course free of charge, we hope many will take advantage of these lessons that while always important, are even more critical at this time.”

Specific lessons include:

  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Handwashing
  • Buying Food
  • Storing Food
  • Preparing Food
  • Cleaning Up

Rouxbe courses are all online. The company has trained cooking staff for organizations including Whole Foods, Marriott hotels and Wegmans.