Bradley Corp. has introduced its redesigned grab bars to withstand higher load ratings.

The bariatric grab bars are geared towards facilities that need to accommodate the needs of heavier patients. They are now re-rated at 900, 1,000 and 1,250 pounds for user stability.

“Specifying one product with a higher load capacity throughout an establishment’s restrooms eliminates the need to cherry pick which restrooms or stalls require higher load-rated products versus those that don’t,” said Laura Stang, senior product manager, Bradley Corp. “Working with one model saves time and eliminates confusion during installation.”

Bradley also has bariatric shower seats with ratings from 500 pounds to 1,200 pounds.

“Whether the application is healthcare or any other type of commercial restroom, Bradley’s heavy-duty third-party rated products provide greater durability and stability, and more peace of mind for all,” Stang said.