With long-standing turnover issues already plaguing the industry, recruiting companies are encouraging providers to rethink hiring and retention efforts to stave off potential crises during the coronavirus pandemic.

Arena is leveraging data-based technology and forming partnerships with the hospitality sector to get ahead of the curve. The company will offer its sourcing product as a complimentary service to clients in the senior living and skilled nursing sectors through September. Arena’s predictive analytics identify job candidates most likely to achieve desired outcomes in specific post-acute roles and communities

“The pending escalation in COVID-19 patients is projected to disproportionately affect our vulnerable seniors and the heroic healthcare workers who currently care for them,” said founder and CEO Michael Rosenbaum. “Our technology can help identify former employees from other sectors who can succeed at essential healthcare jobs in this critical period.”

New strategies for hiring goals

OnShift is also positioning its Employ system as a way to quickly reposition and launch new strategies to meet hiring goals. OnShiftEmploy was created with the February acquisition of Avesta Systems. A variety of tools seamlessly manage the talent acquisition process offering sourcing, recruitment, screening, hiring and onboarding.

The system was highlighted on a webinar earlier this month, during which OnShift experts also discussed combining technology and grassroots efforts to recruit displaced workers and others quickly during the COVID-19 crisis.

OnShift is also waiving fees for users of its financial wellness solution, OnShift Wallet, powered by PayActiv, which provides instant access to earned wages between paychecks. The OnShift Wallet fee waiver program is made possible by PayActiv, the leading provider of employer-sponsored earned wage and tip access. PayActiv launched a fee waiver program and extended it to OnShift customers to help post-acute care and senior living employees and their families during the COVID crisis.

In a recent survey conducted by PayActiv, 82% of respondents said their greatest concern about the coronavirus is a loss of income. So far this year, over $12 million in earned wages has been distributed to employees prior to payday using the non-traditional employee benefit.

Solution for small providers

Meanwhile, HealthcareSource released its HealthcareSource Hiring System Express for small healthcare providers, typically under 500 employees, who need to establish an applicant tracking system quickly. HHS Express enables organizations to organize their hiring process, increase the speed of hiring, onboard new hires faster and ensure compliance.

And WorkTaps, the mobile-first employee referral solution for hourly and “deskless” workforces, announced that it is offering its hiring software at no cost through Aug. 15. WorkTaps can help fill recruiting pipelines with displaced workers from industries including hospitality and retail.

On average, WorkTap said businesses receive applicants within hours of sharing a job and hire within a matter of days. 

“From healthcare and assisted living to grocery stores, delivery services and essential retailers, maintaining the frontline workforce is critical to keeping our communities and economy alive,” said Bradley Harris, CEO and co-founder of WorkTaps. 

With a “gamified” user experience, WorkTaps provides an engaging way to earn money through referrals while incentivizing teams to recruit within their most trusted networks, such as former employees or teams. WorkTaps also provides employers visibility into their entire referral program with insights on the source of hires, number of applicants interested, shares, views and more.  

Fill vacancies 

Cross Country Healthcare also announced that its Cross Country Medical Staffing Network business has developed an application for healthcare professionals to search, book and organize per diem and local contract jobs.

The Marketplace App can fill nursing and allied healthcare vacancies from more than 35 branch locations nationwide. Marketplace permits healthcare professionals to bypass some manual processes, including paperwork and telephone calls, previously required to book shifts.

The app also features a proprietary, personalized calendar to help providers organize their work calendars. After first rolling out the app to healthcare providers working for Cross Country Medical Staffing Network, the company eventually plans to expand service to its other businesses, which employ a full spectrum of healthcare professionals and educational professionals.