Greystone real estate lending and advisory company is offering skilled care providers the chance to sell and lease back their facilities as a way to access capital and focus on strengthening their operations.

The New York City firm announced the new offering last week, with the launch of its Greystone Healthcare Investments extension of its services. The new platform, it says, is targeted specifically toward providers of skilled nursing and post-acute services.

With the “sale-leaseback model,” operators are able to sell the ownership of healthcare real estate while still maintaining operations and management of said facility.

“The healthcare sector presents both a wealth of opportunity for investment and a host of unique challenges with an extraordinarily high barrier to entry,” Frank J. Small, who will lead the new venture as chief investment officer, said in an announcement. “Greystone’s deep experience in healthcare finance creates a unique position for building a successful sale leaseback platform. With today’s razor-thin margins in the healthcare industry, this financing vehicle can prove to be a game-changing strategy for many operators who excel at management and want to focus on that core competency.”