PatientPing has added two new products to its enterprise care collaboration suite ahead of a new e-notification stipulation in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Conditions of Participation.

“Callouts” enables providers, ACOs and health plans to share important member information with point-of-care providers on multiple EHRs through a single digital channel. This integration helps avoid unnecessary utilization and guides in-network referrals.

Providers and health plans can use Callouts to improve patient engagement and enroll patients in available programs and supplemental benefits.

“Spotlights” is a real-time network performance management tool, enables providers to view dashboards highlighting performance trends such as 30-day readmissions, hospital utilization and post-acute network management.

Together with Pings and Stories, the system provides real-time workflow guidance that PatientPing claims will improve clinical encounters and care transitions. 

The announcement comes as CMS is finalizing its proposed interoperability rule, which includes the requirement that hospitals share e-notifications in the form of admit, discharge and transfer feeds, as part of CMS’s Conditions of Participation.