OnShift has introduced the OnShift Wallet Visa Prepaid Card.

Employees can use the card when they have earned but not been paid wages, which the company said it meant to alleviate financial stress. The OnShift Wallet is powered through PayActiv, and is in addition to OnShift Wallet.

“Senior care providers are going head-to-head for talent with big box companies, major retailers and other organizations that innovate in how they hire and keep employees,” said Mark Woodka, CEO of OnShift. “The only way for providers to win the competition for talent is by offering modern, employee-centric services that accommodate the needs of today’s worker. OnShift’s financial wellness platform with the new prepaid card gives employees what they want: streamlined access to their wages and a financial safety net for when they need it most.”

There is no fee for enrollment or cash withdrawal at any MoneyPassATM. Employees can access up to 50% of their current earnings through a bank transaction for a small transaction fee.