NxStage Medical Inc., which makes dialysis products, is heralding the 10th year anniversary of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) clearance of its System One™ product.

The company is doing a summer-long celebration to promote the life-changing benefits of home health dialysis and to promote “NxStage’s decade long role in helping patients regain control of their lives,” the company said.

System One was the first portable dialysis machine that enables patients to perform dialysis in their homes or while traveling, during the day or at night while sleeping. It has been used to perform over ten million treatments on thousands of patients around the world, the company said.

“A decade after launching the first System One, we continue to redefine renal care by allowing patients to take back control of their lives with home hemodialysis treatments tailored to their own needs,” said NxStage President Joseph E. Turk. “We’re committed to improving the lives of dialysis patients with more groundbreaking innovations in the years ahead.”