Noble Biomaterials Inc., which makes X-STATIC® Antimicrobial Technology, has issued a call for research proposals “to generate hard evidence supporting the need for soft surface bacterial management in healthcare settings.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America making recommendations on what healthcare personnel should wear

“Our vision to be the premier provider of bacterial management solutions for healthcare includes supporting the industry to generate the evidence-based practice it needs,” said Karin Mueller, vice president of marketing at Noble. “We expect our infection prevention partners to hold us to that standard and we’re equipped to meet and exceed those expectations.”

Noble said it has pledged to support two such areas: the role attire (and additional healthcare fabrics) plays in the transmission of pathogens and its impact on healthcare associated infections, as well as the impact of antimicrobial fabrics on the level of bacteria associated with those fabrics and a cost/benefit analysis of using these as a permanent solution.

Healthcare systems and researchers interested in working with Noble are encouraged to submit proposals to [email protected].