Dynarex Tape Measure

Dynarex has added several new products to its Advanced Wound Care line: The DynaRule™ Bullseye Measuring Guide, Retractable Tape Measure, SiliGentle™ AG Silver Foam Dressings and DynaSorb™ Super Absorbent Dressings.

The guide measures wound diameter in both inches and centimeters (up to 10 cm). The retractable tape measure is available in inches and centimeters. The SiliGentle™ AG Silver Foam Dressings conducts a moist wound environment with an antimicrobial, sterile soft silicone foam dressing that absorbs exudate. The DynaSorb™ Super Absorbent Dressings feature a silicone contact layer, providing gentle care for fragile skin.

“Dynarex demonstrates its position as the leading medical supply company in the industry by continuing to grow the advanced wound care product line,” says company CEO Zalman Tenenbaum. “We now have more than 60 products in our advanced wound care line along with hundreds of general wound care products, which exhibits our focus on continually serving the needs of our customers.”