Image of male nurse pushing senior woman in a wheelchair in nursing facility

Vocera Communications has launched a new version of its badge for healthcare professionals.

The new Vocera Smartbadge improves over earlier versions by having a 2.4-inch touchscreen. The company noted, for example, that a nurse who receives a sepsis alert can see a patient or resident’s room number, name, age and vital signs. A larger screen also allows the ability to send and read texts through the Smartbadge.

While the screen is larger than the original badge, the Smartbadge is still lightweight and wearable, the company said. It also has improved its microphones and speakers.

“Vocera has been on a mission to improve the lives of patients, families and care teams for more than 18 years; and based on customer feedback, we have thoughtfully designed a sleek, light-weight, wearable, and intelligent device that will make it even easier for care teams to communicate and collaborate,” said Brent Lang, president and CEO of Vocera. “The new Smartbadge is purpose-built to leverage the full software capability of the expanded Vocera Platform — voice calling, messaging, clinical alerts and alarms, and more — with its larger, touchscreen display.”