, a company that harnesses Amazon’s Alexa to engage residents with personalized interactions, has announced its launch and market entry.

The company was founded by Camille Roussel and Jason Gottschalk to be a voice-first customer engagement platform that increases customer satisfaction and improves staff efficiency. With it, residents can instantaneously communicate requests to staff, access information on a community’s services and staff, and get up-to-date listings for events and menus.

Services from the platform will include a mobile application for caregivers to triage assistance requests, a dashboard with performance indicators and a voice-first artificial intelligence for resident, guest and family interaction.

“We are excited to bring the Petalo platform to the senior care industry,” said Roussel, the CEO. “For over a decade, we struggled on the provider side with challenges in the technology available to care providers. The systems available were frustrating for our staff to use and failed to deliver value to our customers. We created to modernize senior care operations and allow leadership teams to delight their residents, guests and staff.”