Medi-Dose Inc./EPS inc. has released a new 10-pack configuration for all four sizes of its Steri-Dropper ® sterile ophthalmic dispensing containers. The new configuration features an ergonomically designed tray with each of the components (bottles, tips and caps) separated for convenience, according to a release from the company.

“Sterile compounding and dispensing have become ever more important in daily pharmacy and nursing practice. Strict attention to guidelines like USP <797> are essential,” notes Bob Braverman, president of Medi-Dose/EPS. “Whether pharmacists prepare just a few doses of an ophthalmic med, or are engaged in larger scale production, our Steri-Dropper bottles help healthcare practitioners efficiently and economically comply with these guidelines.”

Ophthalmic compounding and dispensing can be an expensive and difficult task, especially when sterility and medication integrity must be maintained. The Steri-Dropper will allow practitioners to control costs when preparing sterile solutions in adherence with USP <797> and other guidelines, according to the release.