OrbitaASSIST is the latest voice-enabled, artificial intelligence-driven bedside virtual health assistant from Orbita.

This market-proven solution offers an alternative or adjunct to traditional nurse call systems. Using a smart speaker configured with OrbitaASSIST, the patient can say things like “tell the nurse I need a pillow,” or “tell the nurse I’ve fallen.” Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning operate on the backend to triage, prioritize and intelligently route requests to appropriate care team members who view requests on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. The patient hears a natural language response such as “someone will bring you a pillow soon,” or “we’ve raised an alarm with the nurse.”

Internal research has shown the devices can provider a 70% reduction in median response time and improve nurse confidence in call response by 87%.

“This solution was designed to solve a very real challenge for in-facility care settings where patients struggle to communicate their needs with busy care staff,” said Nick White, Orbita’s executive vice president of Patient Care Solutions. “By giving the patient a voice through conversational AI, the specific information in a request can be processed, prioritized and routed to the right care team member in the right place at the right time.”

The solution was piloted over 18 months in a Sydney, Australia, hospital, during which time patients made more than 8,000 requests. OrbitaASSIST patients can receive immediate responses to requests, confirm next steps, access educational information and get answers to frequently asked questions.