The Easy Drain bed is a new, fully functional and multi-operational hospital and long-term care bed, designed to let incontinent patients rest without having to wear adult briefs.

The bed is fitted with a waterproof mattress that rapidly channels and funnels urine and other fluids through holes into a self-contained hose before landing in a holding tank for easy collection, monitoring and disposal. The manufacturer, Easy Drain Care Products, is a start-up company already providing medical equipment including mattresses and cushions in Texas.

The Easy Drain bed “is the solution to an immediate and persistent problem that has just never been adequately addressed by the healthcare industry: urinary and fecal incontinence,” said Easy Drain’s Ezra Nyankira. “The problem is common and widespread and has been traditionally combated with adult diapers and bedpans, which require frequent changes…. Rather than combat the incontinence itself, (our bed) simply works around it, funneling urine and fecal matter quickly and safely away from the patient,” 

Easy Drain’s beds and mattress are:

  • Manual, semi-electric or fully electric with an air-inflatable, foam or spring mattress.
  • Easily cleaned with a removable center section.
  • Easily drained with strategically located tubes and an egg-crate surface section. that prevents pooling of fluids.
  • Easy-to-empty with a collection tank.