The National Association of Health Care Assistants has revised its logo and launched a new website.

Its traditional golden key logo has been retired, the organization said. In its place are intersecting boxes.

The goal is to encourage more certified nursing assistants in different parts of long-term care to join.

“Our core principles will never change,” said Lori Porter, co-founder and CEO. “We are enhancing our focus on the individual CNA. Too often, CNAs want to be members but do not work for a center that sponsors NAHCA membership. Now CNAs and assisted living caregivers on the frontlines of long-term care have the opportunity to join the association on their own, taking full benefit of all our membership offerings.”

The organization is planning to launch NAHCA Broadcasting Network and CNA TV through its website. The LTC News broadcast will air Fridays at 2 p.m. starting March 2.