E-Mist Innovations has launched a BackPack System, which is a new, mobile cordless electrostatic application system. The system works for long-term care facilities, as users wear the backpack to move around. The system can hold up to a gallon of water-soluble liquid, such as a cleaning disinfectant.

The BackPack System “is revolutionizing the disinfection process,” said George Robertson, chairman and CEO of E-Mist, who said the system can cover more than 100,000 square feet in one hour.

E-Mist’s adaptation of electrostatic technology means the charged droplets seek a target magnetically, and that droplets can cling to a surface for enough dwell time.

“We’re empowering cleaning and sanitation workers with game-changing tools to more safely, effectively and efficiently get ahead of pathogen mobility. We’re also liberating people from the nightmare of infectious diseases from the Ebola virus to influenza, by removing the deadly threat of pathogens from the everyday world,” Robertson said.