MemoryWell, a digital platform for storytelling, is partnering with PointClickCare to integrate patients’ health records and information with their life histories.

MemoryWell is a digital platform for elder storytelling. Its network of nearly 700 professional writers works with families and senior living or healthcare providers to replace burdensome intake questionnaires with a process that reveals brief, intimate stories. Through the stories, writers collect valuable information about resident experiences and preferences that senior living providers can easily access and search via a new analytics dashboard, allowing for more personalized care. 

As a result of the integration, users who use both MemoryWell and PointClick Care’s platforms can expect several benefits, including:

  • Sales and marketing directors can share data with prospective families about, for example, the number of residents who knit and how their mothers would feel at home in their craft circle.
  • Life enrichment directors can see exactly who plays golf, who walks a mile a day and who loves Frank Sinatra so they can plan activities that resonate with everyone.  
  • Nutrition directors can easily see food preferences to inform menu creation or identify a special dish to delight one particular resident on their birthday.