Digital storytelling platform MemoryWell has added the life story app Trib, bolstering its timeline service with new interactive video and audio capabilities to help families connect across generations.

MemoryWell invites families to collaborate on a timeline recounting the life story of a senior they love. It is offering the tool for free while older adults are practicing social distancing in response to Covid-19.

Each family receives an account where they can relive shared moments through short audio and video stories. Family members can add to the stories, include photos and ask for more. 

The resulting Trib timeline can be organized by date, event, theme and place.

“We are very excited for Trib to become part of Memory Well, where the unique technology we built can positively impact so many more families,” said founder Charles Valentine.

How it works:

  • Go to MemoryWell’s website and open a free timeline
  • Invite family members to participate
  • Upload favorite memories, photos or videos

MemoryWell’s more than 700 freelance writers interview older adults and write brief stories shared digitally to capture their legacy and deepen empathy with paid care providers. The digital life story timeline allows families to build on the stories or tell their own life stories, complete with photos, music and videos from different eras.