MBET Health has launched its new Miracle Dressing Wound Care System, billing it as a  proactive solution for an impending surge of pressure injuries related to COVID-19 mitigation.

Miracle Dressing is a patented, Class 1 medical device used along with an agglutinant with marine extracts to prevent pressure sore development and promote healing of Stage 1 and Stage 2 wounds. It can be left on up to 21 days and comes in strips for the sacral area or for heels, elbows and buttocks.

“MDS is the easiest way to not only prevent pressure injuries in all facilities across the healthcare spectrum, but to enable staff efficiencies and pain reduction with the first and only 21-day stay-in-place dressing,” said Eric Lewis, M.D., a dermatologist, surgeon and founder of MBET. “We are thrilled to offer a product which has already been shown —  in private practice and various healthcare facilities — to help prevent pressure injuries, while promoting skin rejuvenation.”

Use of an extended product eliminates frequent dressing changes that can cause significant pain for patients with pressure sores, bullous diseases, or first- , second- and superficial third-degree burns.